A helpful script for installing Ubuntu minimal

Posted in Computers, Howto, Linux, Ubuntu on April 22nd, 2010 by Andy
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Wishing you a harmonious minimalist experience

I’ve blogged before about how cool Ubuntu minimal is.

The one problem is that you have to know exactly what packages to install to get your system set up. So i’ve written a script that should take some of the guess work out of it and make installing a useful Ubuntu desktop from the minimal ISO as simple as answering a series of yes/no questions.

You can go from a command-line system, to a fully up-to-date and usable Ubuntu desktop in one step. Or you could use it to install a bare-bones system with a variety of desktop environments such as Gnome, KDE, XFCE, or LXDE. You can also install Myth TV. All of this from a single 13MB disk image!

How to use the script

  1. Install a command line-only system using the Minimal ISO
  2. Download the script:

    wget www.andyduffell.com/perfectminimal

  3. Make it executable:

    sudo chmod +x perfectminimal

  4. Run it:


  5. Profit!

Ubuntu Minimal project page, comments and suggestions welcome.

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Tech Show Roundup: BBC Click, Category 5, Tekzilla

Posted in Computers, Linux, Ubuntu, Websites, Windows on February 28th, 2009 by Andy

BBC Click

BBC Click

Broadcast on BBC News and available online through the iPlayer, Click is a high-budget magazine-style show. As you might expect, it’s focused less on nitty-gritty details and tech problem-solving and more on issues. You get a lot of interviews with important people, and examination of the impact of technology. There are the obligatory tech and website reviews, but it’s focused more on providing a balance view of things than pushing the latest gadget. Interesting stuff.

Category 5 Technology TV

Category5 Website

Sandwiched between two big players like Click and Tekzilla this homegrown Canadian minnow might look out of place. But what it lacks in budget it makes up for in accessibility.

Broadcast from the home of alpha-geek Robbie Ferguson Category 5 streams out live for an hour a week and interacts directly with users in the site’s chatroom. They also answer emails from users, and even take phone calls (!). The focus is mostly on Ubuntu Linux, but there are hardware reviews, and they”ve recently started dealing with Macs and other Linux distros, as well as fielding the occasional Windows question. Robbie is a nice guy, and extremely knowledgeable and helpful. His co-host Carrie Webb is there to keep things grounded and stop Robbie from talking too much technobabble, so the show stays accessible to all levels of geekiness. I like.


Tekzilla website

As the name suggests, this is a behemoth of a show. Hailing from the massive American web video stable of Revision3, this is a big show, with big production values. What I like about it is that they aren’t afraid to say if something is crap. A lot of bg shows seems like adverts for whatever latest gizmo the tech companies are pushing. Tekzilla aren’t afraid to tell you not to jump on the bandwagon if they think the technology isn’t quite right yet.

Content covers mostly Windows/Mac, although they’re not averse to talking about Linux. They also produce some handy short videos dealing with specific (albeit pretty basic) issues.

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