How to build a Media Centre PC

Why watch those downloads on your PC, when you can watch them in comfort on your TV?

Why watch those downloads on your PC, when you can watch them from the comfort of the sofa?

The plan:

Watch video and photos and listen to mp3 music stored on our home network through the normal TV and stereo in the living room.


  1. Must have low power consumption
  2. Must be quiet
  3. Must boot fast
  4. Must be stable and low-maintenance
  5. Cheap is good!


Mini-ITX based PC with a decent processor and onboard graphics, squeezed into a tiny wee case.


For a while now most of us have had two cool things in our homes: a home entertainment system and a network. But how can we get all our great digital content onto that nice big TV and hifi in the living room? The answer is a media centre PC.



  • Jetway JNC-62K Motherboard with onboard Nvidia 8200 graphics card
  • AMD Athlon X2 e4850 high efficiency CPU
  • Silverstone NT07-AM2 low-profile heatsink/fan.
  • 1GB RAM
  • 80GB SATA hard drive
  • Terratec Aureon PCI sound card with S/PDIF
  • Jou Jye NU-528i-B case with internal 73W power supply.
  • Wireless keyboard with built-in trackpad
  • TOSlink optical cable to get shiny digital sound to the hifi


How much?

Grand total was £269 (+P&P), sourced from, Advance Technologies, and

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  1. Ghost Says:

    Just had to post, I saw the image on your first page – vintage computers, ive still got one of them up in the loft. What a fantastic machine, CBM or PET my first and still favourite PC. Simpler

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