Amarok 2 is a mess


The bones of an extinct Amarok

I’ve been a massive Amarok fan for ages, even though I use Gnome. So imagine my disappointment when I upgraded to the new release (Amarok 2) and discovered my favorite music player is now a complete turkey.

What previously was an easy-to-use, full featured music player  is now a clunky conglomeration of broken junk. That’s a massive shame, as previous incarnations knocked the socks off anything available on any OS. And don’t get me wrong, I tried to get used to the new look. But after finding myself still struggling against the interface after several weeks i’ve decided enough is enough, and Amarok has been ditched.

It’s not just me either. It looks like lot of folks hate the new Amarok. Some of this is bound to be garden variety resistance to change, but from the comments a lot of people (like me) genuinely wanted to like Amarok 2, but just don’t.

C’est la vie. Amarok is gone and Banshee
has replaced it. So far i’m pleasantly surprised. Very pleasantly. Banshee seems to be doing everything Amarok did, but faster and in some cases slightly easier. Which just goes to show that a nasty surprise can sometimes be a good thing.

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