Maverick Meerkat pops up its head


Has it been six months already? Must be time for another Ubuntu release…

Hitting the wide world at 10:10 on 10/10/10 will be Ubuntu 10.10, known to its friends as Maverick Meerkat. There’s not a whole lot of changes coming in this version, it’s mostly little tweaks:

  • New installer, which i’m told is really nice
  • The F-Spot photo managing software is out, its replacement is called Shotwell
  • The Netbook Edition has a brand new interface called Unity
  • The Ubuntu Software Centre has been upgraded (and you can now buy software through it)
  • Kubuntu now uses the Rekonq browser, and Pulseaudio for sound.
  • Xubuntu now has a custom lightweight media player called Parole instead of Totem, and a CD burning app called  Xfburn instead of Brasero
  • Experimental support for btrfs

There’s also some good updates for apps in the repositories. I like the Gnome Nanny parental control software, and the new version of the Arista video transcoder.

You can download the beta now and help with squishing the last few bugs, or grab it when it’s released on October 10th.

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